Thursday 16 May 2013

Opening the cottage this long weekend? Read these tips from Hydro One.

Opening the cottage this long weekend? Read these tips from Hydro One.
May 14, 2013

With the countdown to cottage season quickly underway, electrical safety is an important factor cottagers must consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable season.

Before heading up to the cottage, first check the status of unplanned and planned power outages at your intended destination using our mobile outage map. Click the Outages button on the menu bar below to get started. Click the "Unplanned" or "Planned" button and look for any coloured triangles or "tools" icons on the map that indicate power outages. Click the Magnifying Glass icon and enter your address to search for outages by specific location. Tap any icon on the map to see details of the outage, including crew status, estimated time of power restoration and the cause, if known. Depending on the estimated time of restoration, you can decide whether you should postpone your departure, or bring the items you would need to open the cottage without electricity, such as a portable generator, battery-powered lights/flashlights, and/or gas-powered portable cooking appliances.

For customers heading up to the cottage for the first time this season, there can be a lot to do, especially if the cottage was closed during the winter. To help prepare, here is a handy checklist of some electrical safety tips from Hydro One to start your cottage season off safely:

Inspect the power line. If a wire is down on the ground, stay at least one bus length away and call Hydro One's power emergency line immediately at 1-800-434-1235.
Check your electricity meter for damage. Call Hydro One at 1-888-664-9376 if there is damage.
Look at interior wiring for visible signs of gnawing from animals. If wiring is damaged, turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse to that circuit and call an electrician to arrange for repairs.
Check electrical cords and plugs for damage. Never use cords that are worn or damaged.
Fill your water tank before switching the power on to avoid damage to your water heater element.
Keep all branch circuits in the off position until you have opened the main switch. Then, energize individual circuits one at a time.
Make sure tree branches are trimmed well away from your power line to avoid unnecessary power outages and safety hazards. Always hire a qualified contractor to prune trees near your power line. Hydro One will disconnect the power supply to your property once a year, at no charge, so that any maintenance along or near your power line can be performed safely.

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