Saturday 28 September 2013

Stop the Drop update

Stop the Drop
With your help we accomplished something extraordinary. You and 20,480 other lake users “showed up” because you understood how important it is to have your voice heard. 

Now that Labour Day is past, what’s next? 

Because of Stop the Drop’s high profile in the press, and because we’ve grown so quickly, politicians and other leaders want to know who we all are. And we want to tell them.
In October and November, we’ll present to 18 municipalities, 5 MPPs and 5 MPs all around the Bay. We’ll communicate individually with MPs and MPPs in ridings away from the Bay where our members live/vote (Oakville, London, Newmarket, Ottawa, Toronto, etc.). And we’ll meet with groups that also represent our members – campers, anglers & hunters, farmers, recreational boaters, and others.
All to make sure your voice – our collective voice - is heard. We’ll report back to you about progress next month so you’re in the loop.
Building a Common Understanding **Your Action Opportunity**

With the Stop the Drop community growing so quickly, developing a common foundation for all members is critical. So you and every other member is on the same page. That’s why we produced articles called Water Levels 101, 102 and 103. Stop The Drop

FOCA Elert September 2013

FOCA Elert September 2013
Join FOCA on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 from 3:30-6pm for the FOCA Fall Meeting featuring special guest speaker Bob Sandford, at the Toronto International Centre. 

NOTE: Your $40 registration to the FOCA Fall Meeting includes 1 free entry ticket for Saturday, Nov. 2nd to the Fall Cottage Life Show, happening next door in Hall #5 of the Toronto International Centre. 

Blue-Green Algae
FOCA, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and the Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition are working together to better understand the factors that cause blue-green algal blooms. Lake Stewards in the Algoma region of Northern Ontario have been collecting algae samples and water quality information this year. This data will be used by the MOE to begin to identify the conditions that trigger excessive algal growth and why blooms occur in some lakes but not others. 
Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety for Fall 

With colder weather upon us, remember that carbon monoxide (CO) safety is a priority. "If your cottage has any potential source of CO - wood or gas fireplace or woodstove, an oil or gas or propane heating system or appliance - your only protection is a CSA-approved CO alarm," notes Carol Heller, a fire safety expert with Kidde Canada. 
And much more FOCA

Sunday 22 September 2013

Special FOCA Event - Featuring Freshwater Expert Bob Sandford

Special FOCA Event - Featuring Freshwater Expert Bob Sandford

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations is extremely pleased to announce our featured speaking event for fall 2013, on the topic of climate change and the impacts on our water cycle – with very special guest Bob Sandford.

Bob is an internationally recognized expert on freshwater issues, and the impacts of changing climates on our freshwater resources globally, and across Canada. Bob’s fifth book released in 2012 is entitled Cold Matters - The State and Fate of Canada's Freshwater. He was recently honoured by Venture Magazine as one of Alberta's 50 most influential people of 2013.

Ontario’s waterfront communities are a group that has first-hand experience with the changes that are happening on the landscape, to the water cycle, and to the natural ebb and flow of nature. As rural landowners but also often urban dwellers, FOCA’s members and waterfront property owners across Canada are faced with the implications of a changing climate in many very practical and tangible ways.

Sunday 8 September 2013

7 cottagey words you’ll only hear in Canada

7 cottagey words you’ll only hear in Canada
Although Canadians and Americans share a common language, we have a few words here north of the border that haven’t quite trickled down south. (If you’ve ever asked where the washroom was in Washington and gotten a blank stare, you’ve experienced the phenomenon first-hand.) Here are a few terms that you’ll only hear north of the 49th.


Two-four, beer store, and pint

Peameal/back bacon




Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Bloody Caesars, Kinder Surprise eggs, and ketchup and all-dressed chips

See what the mean:  Cottage Life

A fun read

Thursday 5 September 2013

Notice to Property Owners from MPAC via the Town of Penetanguishene


MPAC has become aware that a person or persons is placing phone calls to property owners claiming to represent MPAC and asking for personal information. MPAC has reported these incidents to the Ontario Provincial Police.

MPAC does not make calls to collect personal information. If you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to represent MPAC and requesting personal information, please do not provide it. If you have any questions or receive such calls, please call MPAC’s Customer Contact Centre at 1 877 635 6722. Town of Penetanguishene

Monday 2 September 2013

3 considerations for enjoying your cottage as you age

3 considerations for enjoying your cottage as you age

Our cottages are certainly our summer homes, and they’re often the place where we spend the most quality time. But enjoying the cottage as we age may become more difficult because of the terrain. Uneven landscapes and differing architectures present challenges for renovators and product suppliers to create solutions for safe access, but there are ways to alleviate most problem areas. These generally include a combination of construction and product that will allow safe, easy access to the cottage and the lake, extending an your enjoyment of your cottage well into retirement. Cottage Life

Some good ideas and tips