Monday 24 December 2012

Order Your Spring Trees Now – Deadline January 25th

Order Your Spring Trees Now – Deadline January 25th
Severn Sound Environmental Association is once again working with North Simcoe Stewardship and the Township of Tiny to distribute tree seedlings.

If you are looking to plant some new trees on your property, this is worth a look.  Severn Sound

Press Release Tiny Township 

Tiny Township Municipal Offices

The Tiny Township Municipal Offices will be closed from Tuesday, December 25, 2012 to Tuesday, January 1, 2013.  We will reopen on Wednesday, January 2, 2013, at 9:00 a.m.  Council and staff would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!  


Barrier-Free Front Entrance Now Open!     
We are pleased to announce that the front entrance of the Township's Municipal Office is  now open to the public. After several months of construction, the Township can now boast a barrier-free front entrance. The features to increase accessibility include an accessible ramp with heat tracing, automated doors and additional lighting. Upon entering the office, you will note that the floor has been raised to eliminate the need for stairs. The  vestibule was further renovated to include new flooring and larger windows to increase natural light.  The completion of this project assists the Township in meeting its commitment to promote independence, dignity, integration and equality of persons with disabilities. 



A heads up on this new program that starts in the New Year. Please make sure you have the needed Smoke Alarms and that they work!

“After so many years of promotion and public education initiatives, it is incomprehensible to me that anyone would not understand the importance of working smoke alarms in protecting the lives of themselves and their loved ones and act accordingly,”says Fire Chief Tony Mintof.
Penalties for non-compliance range from a ticketed fine of $235.00 to a charge under the Provincial Offences Act that carries a fine of up to $50,000 and/or one (1) year imprisonment.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

FOCA's December Elert is out

The December FOCA Elert is out

MNR Permit Changes    

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) developed a policy in Fall, 2012 to describe how they would manage their fiscal limitations, while still meeting their mandate. They have now posted proposed regulatory amendments on the Environmental Bill of Rights for public consultation. (Posting #011-7669) 
Electricity Rates

FOCA is pleased to report reductions for seasonal customers' electricity rates, achieved through our efforts at the Ontario Energy Board. 

Reductions in distribution rate charges totalling $2.04 million have recently been announced for the 159,000-member seasonal class in 2013. 

FOCA remains concerned that the overall costs of electricity for all customers are set to rise  dramatically over the coming years. 
Great New FOCA Benefit: Discounts on CAA Memberships!

Do you spend much time commuting by car to-and-from the cottage? If so, this is for you:

 FOCA is very pleased to announce a brand new member benefit: save at least $15 on a CAA Membership when you apply or renew through CAA corporate services as part of FOCA. In addition to critical roadside service, your CAA Membership card gets you discounts on a wide range of attractions and travel bookings. Read the details and find out how to apply here:

Do not forget to sign up to have the FOCA Elert delivered right you. Sign up on the FOCA home page

View the full December Elert by clicking on the link below  FOCA

Thursday 13 December 2012

Latest Cottage Life Dockside news letter is out

Latest Cottage Life Dockside news letter is out Cottage Life

Lot's of good ideas and things to do 

How to make chalkboard wine glasses

Geminid meteor shower takes centre stage

7 creative holiday cookie recipes

Avoid winter woes
How to keep your cottage maintained in the off-season and avoid unwanted surprises come spring.

Books for beer lovers
If you want to boost your beer IQ or incorporate more of it into your cooking, these books are perfect for you.

And More

Monday 3 December 2012

Budget bill will gut Navigable Waters Protection Act

Budget bill will gut Navigable Waters Protection Act  Cottage Life

This is not a good thing, no matter how you slice it... It is a major step backwards in the protection of our waterways across Canada. We need to tell Ottawa how we feel about it.

Saturday 1 December 2012

Great blue herons

Things we love about the cottage: Great blue herons Cottage Life

I did not see any at the cottage this year. Did you? This is the first year in a while where I did not see a Great Blue Heron while at the cottage. I saw several in the Dorval area, along the St. Lawrence River.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Septage Management in Tiny

Septage Management in Tiny

There are serious concerns about the direction of the septage management study being undertaken by the Township of Tiny. 
The study appears to be progressing toward a pre-determined conclusion based on campaign promises of a “Made in Tiny” solution, with only cursory investigation, analysis and review of other alternatives. By narrowing the study to a single alternative at this stage, Tiny may be compromising long-term, environmentally responsible action in the name of short-term economies. Alternatively, Tiny may be about to waste significant tax dollars if the chosen alternative is rejected by the public once a site has been selected for septage disposal.

Septage management in Tiny has received very limited attention judging from the lack of press coverage and the weak attendance at three public meetings held during the first phase of the Class Environmental Assessment by R.J Burnside and Associates. Only 28 people attended the first Public Information Centre presentation in July 2011, 34 attended the second PIC presentation in November 2011 and 28 attended the third PIC presentation in June 2012. Over half of the attendees at each meeting consisted of staff and members of the Project Advisory Committee. At this stage, residents of Tiny are simply not aware of the proposed solution, or of its implications. Neighboring residents are equally unaware of the potential collaborative opportunities which have seemingly been ignored by their elected representatives.

On August 13th Tiny Council approved a motion to proceed with a Class 3 and Class 4 Environmental Assessment of the construction of a full septage treatment works in Tiny. The motion passed by a vote of 4 to 1, with Mayor Millar opposed. 

Passage of the August 13th motion pre-empted a public debate of the final Burnside report of alternatives. It also terminated any further discussions with neighbors such as Midland or Waypoint regarding collaboration on the treatment of sewage and septage in the region, even though:

     a) It is truly a regional issue, not just a Tiny issue. In addition to the 9400 residences in Tiny, approximately 1300 private septic systems in Midland and Penetanguishene are currently serviced by haulers who use spreading sites in Tiny for disposal by land application.

     b) Midland’s Waste Water Treatment Plant is only half utilized. While Midland has been searching for income opportunities from neighboring communities to alleviate their budget shortfall, Midland residents appear completely unaware of the opportunities afforded by collaborating with Tiny on septage disposal. This single project could generate up to $0.6 million in annual tipping fees, compared to the $1.75 million over 58 potential savings opportunities recently identified by KPMG.

     c) Waypoint is considering the construction of a new Waste Water Treatment Plant, which could be designed to incorporate sewage and septage from neighboring communities. The Burnside report cites “unknowns … related to project timing, funding and the basis for charges at the plant, who would be the lead municipality, wastewater quantity and quality, etc.” as the basis for rejecting this alternative. None of these excuses would pose a major challenge in the face of serious commitment to action.

The “Full Septage Treatment Works” alternative selected by Tiny Council involves technologies, yet to be evaluated, such as alkaline stabilization, anaerobic digestion, composting, geo-tubes, lagoons and/or reed filter beds. These technologies may well be feasible and economical. However, they fall short of a best-in-class solution in this age of environmental awareness. 

The site has yet to be identified, although the 54-acre former North Simcoe Hunters and Anglers site (now the Tiny Community Centre) and the Tiny Public Works site have long been rumoured to be the preferred locations of certain Council members. Regardless of the final selection, there is a strong probability that the storage and disposal of sewage without treatment in a modern Waste Water Treatment Plant will elicit a neighborhood reaction, possibly rivalling the Site 41 situation.

Mayor Millar made a motion at Council’s November 26 Committee of the Whole meeting to separate the costs of the next study phase from the 2013 budget in an attempt to reopen debate before $400,000 of taxpayer’s money is spent on a doomed single-alternative process. The motion failed, but may yet stimulate public awareness and encourage further negotiations with Midland and Waypoint in what could and should be a win-win solution.

Terry Breckenridge
President Clearwater Beach Ratepayers Association 

Tuesday 27 November 2012

How do I remove rust from well water?

How do I remove rust from well water?

That rusty colour is from the well water’s excess iron content. High levels of iron (more than 0.3 milligrams per litre) can affect the taste, smell, and colour of your water, and can stain laundry, plumbing fixtures, or kitchen utensils. Happily, you can usually remove it.
Get the rest of the answer at Cottage Life

Sunday 18 November 2012

Gifts for the book-loving cottager

Gifts for the book-loving cottager Cottage Life

Some great cottage based books for the cottager in your life. 

Monday 12 November 2012

Cottage destroyed by fire November 12th 2012

Cottage destroyed by fire Barrie Examiner 
According to Southern Georgian Bay OPP, officers were called to an uninhabited cottage on Fairlain Road East after a fire started in a shed and spread to the cottage around noon.
Please be careful if you have a wood stove, fire place or are just burning leaves outside, nobody wants to lose their cottage or life.... 

Sunday 11 November 2012

Heating Season Tips

Three quick tips from Cottage Life

7 electric-heater safety tips Cottage Life
They may bring in extra heat, but electric heaters can be dangerous. Learn how to stay safe

If you have one please read the lined article 

Video: Woodpile basics Cottage Life
Handyman Wayne Lennox demonstrates where woodpiles should be located and how logs should be stacked to avoid rot and decay.

If you heat with wood, watch the video 

Firewood 101 Cottage Life

A very nice overview of Firewood

Saturday 10 November 2012

Why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others?

Why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others? 

Mosquitoes are sources of severe infection in many parts of the world, there has been a lot of research done about why some people are mosquitoes' favorite snack.
Read the story iO9 

Hummm Very Interesting 

Friday 9 November 2012

The November FOCA Elert is out

The November FOCA Elert is out 

Some of the topics covered 

Lakeshore Capacity Assessment Workshop      
 Hurry: space is limited at this workshop, scheduled for next Tuesday, November 13th, 2012. 
Register for the 2012 FOCA Cottage Succession Seminar
Keeping the 'Family' in the Family Cottage 
Event Date: Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 from 6:30-8:30pm
Location: 200 Bay St (at Front St.), 40th Floor, RBC Plaza South Tower, Toronto
2012 Fire Season is "Out"     
Our partners at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources announced the end of the 2012 Forest Fire season, effective October 31st. 
Lake Links 2012 Recap     
FOCA was proud to sponsor the 11th Annual Lake Links Workshop, Climate Change - How to Build Resiliency in our Lakes, held October 20th in Perth. Visit the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds' website for a review of the day's events and links to speakers' presentations.

Sign up to get FOCA's Elret delivered right to your email box, on the FOCA web site

To read the Elert click on the link below FOCA 

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Getting To The Cottage Part 1

Getting To The Cottage Part 1 Terry On Cottage Tech
New blog post on tech to help you get to the cottage quickly and safely.

Saturday 3 November 2012

Cottage Tech Blog

Terry S. has started a new blog on Cottage Tech  at

"Welcome to my Cottage Tech blog. The focus will be on Tech at the cottage but I will be looking at other things that can improve your enjoyment of a cottage. I will be looking at High Tech, Low Tech and No Tech solutions to cottage issues. I will try to look in to the pros and cons of various tech at the cottage."

Check it out and hope you enjoy it.

Friday 2 November 2012

Friends of the library host half price book sale

Friends of the library host half price book sale Midland Freepress 

If you want some good reading for the winter, you can find a wide range of books on sale at half price on Saturday, Nov. 3 at Midland Library.

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Update from MPAC to FOCA Members

Update from MPAC to FOCA Members

MPAC's Chief Assessor, Larry Hummel, spoke at the FOCA Fall Meeting on October 26, 2012 about trends in Ontario assessments, and how to use the online tools at "About My Property" to determine if your assessment is fair, or should be reconsidered.
Use the link below and you can download the presentatio FOCA

I learned a lot during Larry's presentation and the questions asked of him about MPAC and the process... 

Yet an other great learning opportunity from FOCA. My thanks to Larry for coming and for FOCA for arranging the presentation.

Don't forget to sign up for FOCA's eLert on the FOCA website 

Sunday 28 October 2012

Saturday 27 October 2012

Residential 4G Satellite Option for Our Beach

I was at the Cottage Life Show yesterday for the FOCA Fall Meeting.

I talked to several of the people at the Xplornet Booth and at the FOCA event. They have several different 4G Satellite Internet Packages that you may be interested in as an option vs Bell/Rogers services which we currently have.

Speed Down    Speed Up
1.5 Mbps           256 kbps
3.0 Mbps           500 kbps
5.0 Mbps           500 kbps

They will come and do a free site inspection/survey if we have a few members interested so they can come and check a few house at a time.

They do offer a seasonal shutdown option for the cottagers that sill let you use the service if you go up for a day or the weekend, that are not too expensive depending on the package you have.  For more information

I am thinking about giving them a call for my cottage next year.

If you are interested leave a comment and we can look in to getting an inspection day set up along Clearwater Beach.

Please note Xplornet is a FOCA Supporter so let show them some FOCA/Clearwater Beach support

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Introducing Cottage Life ebooks

Introducing Cottage Life ebooks Cottage Life 

Cottage Life is pleased to announce its new ebook publishing program. Our inaugeral ebooks are Winter Cottaging: How to enjoy your cottage all year round and Cottage Trees and Plants: Keeping your forest healthy. Found wherever ebooks are sold, they can be purchased by following the links below. Cottage Life 

I love it, can not wait for all of them 

FOCA Update - FOCA Fall Meeting at the Cottage Life Show

FOCA Update  - FOCA Fall Meeting at the Cottage Life Show

Are you coming?
FOCA Fall Meeting at the Fall Cottage Life Show 

Stop the Carp
Encourage your municipality to help stop the spread of Asian Carp.Your interests, and theirs, are at stake.

Together with biologists, policy makers and citizens across Canada and the US, FOCA is becoming increasingly concerned about Asian carp entering the Great Lakes basin.

Municipal Budget Setting, Property Tax & Assessments 

Most waterfront property owners now have their new property assessments in hand. 

Question: If your assessment went up, does that mean your property taxes will go up?
Answer: Not necessarily. 

Keeping the 'Family' in the Family Cottage 
When? Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 from 6:30-8:30pm
Where? 200 Bay St (at Front St.), RBC Plaza South Tower, 40th Floor, Toronto FOCA

Fall Cottage Life Show 2012

This Weekend! Oct. 26–28 — International Centre, Toronto
Many things to do and learn about

Potties, permits, and parking:
If you’re planning a cottage party next summer, now is the time to evaluate whether your deck is ready for duty, your septic system can take the load, and your wobbly old dock is primed for a photo op.

MPAC seminar:
Cottage property assessment concerns? The Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA) is hosting a seminar at the show, where you’ll hear directly from Larry Hummel, MPAC’s chief assessor. You don’t need to be a FOCA member to attend, but you do need to pre-register.

Can you win the battle of the mouse? What are the steps you can take now to prevent mouse damage over the winter? Learn year-round mouseproofing tips i

Tour our model cottage:
What does 1,000 sq. ft. of relaxation look like? Step into the model cottage and find out! It’s built by Canada Builds, furnished with items from our exhibitors, and styled by Rebecca Purdy of HGTV’s Leave It To Bryan

Beef & Stout Stew:
This warm and hearty soup can slow cook all day while the delicious smell of harvest vegetables travels through your home or cottage. Get a taste in the Cottage Kitchen when Mary Catherine Anderson presents her live cooking demonstration. 

And much, much more Cottage Life 

Sunday 21 October 2012

FOCA Summer Newsletter 2012

FOCA Summer Newsletter 2012
Lots of great information FOCA

Do not forget to sign up to receive FOCA's Elerts

Railcars may finally be on the move Midland Freepress

The Ossawippi Express may finally be on the move to Port McNicoll and the SS Keewatin. I hope they are on the move and can not wait to see the final complex in Port McNicoll. 

Saturday 20 October 2012

Things we love about the cottage: Board games

Things we love about the cottage: Board games Cottage Life

What board games did you play at the cottage when you were young?
What board games do you play a the cottage now?

I have fond memories of playing various board games on rainy days/night at the cottage when I was young. 

Friday 19 October 2012

Thousands expected at Midland-area church for historic canonization

Thousands expected at Midland-area church for historic canonization Midland Freepress

It could be a very interesting ceremony to see, but the traffic in the area could be bad. 

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Fall Cottage Life Show deals, discounts, and contests

Fall Cottage Life Show deals, discounts, and contests Cottage Life

The Fall Cottage Life Show is coming up quickly, and here’s an overview of the various deals available on tickets for the show. Tickets are available now online.
Discounts for Cottage Life subscribers
Check out the inside front cover in the October issue of Cottage Life – there’s a coupon there to save $2 off each adult ticket. Don’t want to cut up your magazine? You can use the promo code online for the same savings.
Combo deal: Two adult tickets and your choice of a free Cottage Life book
At the risk of sounding like a fast food joint, we’ve put together a combo deal that’s pretty irresistible. For $30 you get two adult tickets, plus a hard cover book. Choose from Jane Rodmell’s Best Summer Weekends cookbook, or The Cottage Ownership Guide. If you’re anything like me, it’s nice to have this cookbook at home and at the cottage. The Cottage Ownership Guide is essential reading about how to buy, sell, rent, share, hand down, or retire to your waterfront getaway. Go to the online tickets page to get this offer, as it’s only available if you buy your tickets online.

It is a great show if you are in the Toronto/GTA area.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Higher Property Assessment Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Higher Taxes

Higher Property Assessment Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Higher Taxes 

Ontario property owners may soon be in for a shock when they receive their new property assessment notice, but it doesn’t necessarily mean their taxes are going up.

To read more click on the link below

One of the many articles linked to from the FOCA Property Tax page

FOCA's 2012 Fall members' meeting

FOCA's 2012 Fall members' meeting is Friday Oct.26th. 

This year, the FOCA meeting will take place during the Cottage Life show! Plan to join us for updates on issues that matter to waterfront property owners and associations.

When: Friday, October 26th, 2012 from 5 - 7:30 pm. Pre-registration is required. The registration fee includes 1 admission ticket to the Cottage Life show.

This year's agenda features:
  • Updates on new MPAC property assessments 
  • Ontario's new Not-for Profit Corporations Act 
  • Strategic Directions for Ontario's waterfront communities 
  • Introducing FOCA's new Risk Management team 
  • FOCA Government relations, program, and activity updates

I am already booked and will be at the Cottage Life Show Friday around 1PM.

If you are interested in going you can register at the above link.

Monday 15 October 2012

The Fall Cottage Life Show 2012

The Fall Cottage Life Show:
Show Dates/Hours:

Friday, October 26 11:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday, October 27 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday, October 28 10:00am – 5:00pm

The Fall Cottage Life Show celebrates every season at the lake. With more than 200 exhibitors dedicated to the very best products and services to enhance your retreat, you can research cottage renovations, construction, building products, and design and architectural services, and check out fun stuff like boats, water toys, arts and d├ęcor, furnishings for indoors and out, and gift ideas for every cottager on your list. Cottage Life 

I will be there on the 26 until the FOCA Meeting starts at 5PM hope to see you there.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Low water levels worry local MPs

Low water levels worry local MPs 

Immediate action must be taken to restore water levels in Georgian Bay, says Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton.
“The worry is if we have another hot, dry summer, which is entirely probable... these conditions are going to worsen,” Stanton said Wednesday. “We’re going to have lower water levels than we’ve experienced since they have begun measuring them.”

Read the rest on the Orillia Packet & Times web site Orillia Packet & Times

Monday 8 October 2012

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario releases Part 2 of the 2012 Report

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario releases Part 2 of the 2012 Report FOCA

Gord Miller released his annual report “Losing our Touch” to the Ontario Legislature today, which includes many issues that affect FOCA, and our members. “Waterfront property owners are impacted by many of the deficiencies I’ve identified in my 2012 Annual Report”, according to ECO Gord Miller. “These include crown land management, septic reinspections, and the Province’s low water response plans.”

Interactive Map Visualizes Great Lakes Water Currents

An Interactive Map Visualizes Great Lakes Water Currents
Looks like a interesting tool

Sunday 7 October 2012

Like FOCA on Facebook

Like FOCA on Facebook and you could WIN! 

Prize: one free ticket to the FOCA Fall Seminar ($40 value) - includes entry to the Fall Cottage Life Show. Seminar event is Friday October 26, 2012 from 5-8pm. Get more details about the event here:  

Already registered? No worries - if you win, we'll reimburse you when we see you there! (Register now to avoid disappointment: our last event was full.)

Prize winner will be selected from all FOCA Facebook fans at 12:00pm on Tuesday, October 23rd. Spread the word by sharing this notice. GOOD LUCK!

The OPP & OPG remind us to stay safe on the water

The OPP & OPG remind us to stay safe on the water this Thanksgiving weekend. Be prepared for cold water conditions, wear your PFD and stay clear of all hydroelectric dams and generating stations. And have a Happy Turkey weekend! 

From the FOCA FaceBook page
Lots of great great information about Cottaging in Ontario

Thursday 4 October 2012

Low water levels in bay focus of Ottawa talks

Low water levels in bay focus of Ottawa talks

OTTAWA - A group of local politicians met with federal Environment Minister Peter Kent in Ottawa on Tuesday to discuss water levels on Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes. 

Bill 103, Great Lakes Shoreline Right of Passage Act, 2012

Bill 103, Great Lakes Shoreline Right of Passage Act, 2012
Craitor, Kim
Current Status: First Reading Carried

Legislative Assembly of Ontario Bills & Lawmaking Current Parliament Bill 103, Great Lakes Shoreline Right of Passage Act, 2012.htm


Wednesday 3 October 2012

The October 2012 FOCA Elert is out

The October FOCA Elert is out

News and links on "New Property Assessments are "in the mail" from MPAC "

Breaking News: Update from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

"Waterfront property owners are impacted by many of the deficiencies I've identified in my 2012 Annual Report," says Miller. "These include crown land management, septic reinspections and the Province's low water response plans."

FOCA Cottage Succession series - coming to Toronto
Peter Lillico speaking at a FOCA Cottage Succession seminar
Find out how to "Keep the 'Family' in the Family Cottage." Estate Lawyer Peter Lillico will be joined by Steve Lester of the Lester Wealth Management Group to answer your questions about making a plan that works for your family.

And much much more....

Sunday 23 September 2012

Clearwater Beach 2012 Horseshoe Tournament

Horseshoe Contest


Chris Minor
Julian Sulej

Consolation Prizes:

Mike Wehner
Cam Niebler

Reminder High Speed Internet Information Sessions Tiny Township

Point to Point high speed internet information sessions are being held from:

Saturday, September 29th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm


Thursday, October 25th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm

in the Township of Tiny Municipal Office, Council Chambers, 130 Balm Beach Road.

I don’t think pre-registration is required, but you can call 705-526-4204 ext 263 for more information.

Saturday 22 September 2012

2012 Clearwater Beach Baking Contest

The Results


3rd prize, Autumn McDiarmid for 'Super Cottage Squares'
2nd prize, Autumn McDiarmid for 'Sinful Skor Squares'
1st prize, Hailey Sontag for 'Daisy Flowers'


1st (and only) prize, Isabelle Barber for 'Motivational Cookies'

We need more entries from teenage bakers!


3rd prize, Ghislaine Hatton for 'Chocolate Macaroons'
2nd prize, Dawn Strandholt for 'Hello Dollies'
1st prize, Karen Milligan for 'Clearwater Cake Pops'

Photo of some of the contestants and some of the winners

A Big Thank You to Wayne Y. for all his work on the 2012 Baking Contest

Sunday 16 September 2012

Special Anniversary Presentation

A highlight of the day was the special anniversary presentation of an $800 cheque by Sue Montgomery, Section 3 Director, to Louise Coutu, Managing Director of Camp Marygrove. The money will be used to buy a canoe which they’ll name “Jack” in honour of Jack Purkis, who in 1952 convened the first meeting leading to the founding of our association.

Monday 10 September 2012

Fire Safety Talk at the AGM

A Big Thank You to Dino Pangratti from the Tiny Fire Department for his talk at the AGM, and fire extinguisher simulator he brought. I think many of us learned something.

Sunday 9 September 2012

From the Pres...
Our 60th anniversary picnic saw blue skies and warm breezes over Clearwater Beach as about 135 families and guests enjoyed the fun, food, and friendship at Camp Marygrove!
When we begin preparations each year we always fret about getting enough volunteers, but when the day comes everything just falls into place and later we realize that there were so many helpers we don’t have the space to thank them all individually! So, here’s a big “thank you” to everyone who pitched in, and I’m sure that includes almost everyone who attended. We do good work, don’t we?
Some things do, however, require special mention. Wayne and Joanne Yetman’s cookie contest has grown to become a central event of the day, with entrants eclipsing Sam Sapiano’s fishing contest and rivalling Peter Ridout and Raz Bifilchi’s horseshoe challenge. Aside from the food line, the balloon toss and tug-of-war still seem to attract the most adult participation, but Ruth Barber’s kids remain the dominant attraction. Speaking of the food line, Jacque Ridout organized both the grocery list and the condiment table, while Dave Barber did an excellent job of marshalling the BBQ crew. Lexie Trott, Sam Sapiano, Sue Montgomery and Marianne Clayton spent many hours canvassing the beach, Cynthia Strandholt bought ribbons and trophies and Karen Milligan organized the prizes. Peggy Breckenridge kept the festivities humming as Master of Ceremonies, while also helping Mary Barber and Ghislaine Hatton on the registration desk. Throughout the year, of course, Terry Sanderson has become a major source of information through his Facebook postings and FOCA representation.
A highlight of the day was the special anniversary presentation of an $800 cheque by Sue Montgomery, Section 3 Director, to Louise Coutu, Managing Director of Camp Marygrove. The money will be used to buy a canoe which they’ll name “Jack” in honour of Jack Purkis, who in 1952 convened the first meeting leading to the founding of our association.
I would like to express our appreciation to our guests. Ray Millar, Mayor of the Township of Tiny, was very open and accommodating in his remarks and responses to our questions. Dino Pangrazzi, a volunteer firefighter with the Tiny Fire Department, was concise yet entertaining in his remarks on smoke and CO2 detectors and his fire extinguisher demonstration was a huge success with the younger crowd.
I’d also like to thank our sponsors and major contributors, and urge members to remember their generosity if a need for their services arises: Clare Boudreau, owner of EHL Homes; Michelle and Delva Lacroix, agents for Royal LePage real estate; and Keith Robillard, owner of Georgian Bay Sanitation.
This year’s operations again demonstrated the conservative fiscal management of our association. Revenues of $3.7 thousand were virtually identical to last year, with increased raffle proceeds offsetting a minor reduction in sponsorship revenue. Picnic expenses were up as we replenished some supplies, resulting in a break-even year excluding our special anniversary contribution to Camp Marygrove. After the special contribution, our reserves will decline from $5.3 thousand to $4.5 thousand, an amount considered sufficient to cover a full year of operating expenses in the event of an unforeseen revenue shortfall.
Have a great year, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for next year’s “fun day” which will be held on Saturday, August 31st. If you’d like to join the party and help out, leave a comment here or contact anyone on your executive.

Terry Breckenridge

Thank you to Tiny Township Mayor Ray Millar

Thank you to Tiny Township Mayor Ray Millar.

He talked at our AGM about a number of topics including:
  • Tiny Township's Septage Study
  • Water levels and the beaches in Tiny
  • Encroachment on to township land
  • Garbage Pickup changes
  • Internet service

The executive is looking in to several of these issues and will be updating you on them in the next little while.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Thank you to the Set Up Crew

A Huge THANK YOU to all who came early to help set up for all of the day's activities. Your efforts help ensure the food and fun for every one.

 Lots of tables to move and setup
 Setting up the Raffle table
 Lots of prizes for the raffle
 Play area for the little association members, fishing pond, bubble blowers and chalk
 Getting the prize table for the games
Still setting up the raffle table

Cottage Tee's for Cottage Buddy's

Ruth B and Terry S wearing FOCA "I'd rather be at the Cottage" tee shirts at the 2012 Clearwater Beach AGM/Fun Day/BBQ

New Road Sign

After many years we have replaced our beloved road sign

Thank you Peter and Bruce for a job well done. 

Rural Broadband Information Sessions

Rural Broadband Information Sessions:

Township of Tiny
Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Thursday, October 25, 2012 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

For more information contact Trevin at 705-526-4204, Ext. 263

Thank you Kathryn Hammond Britten for the information

An Open Letter on the Upper Great Lakes Study

An Open Letter on the Upper Great Lakes Study
Dear Stakeholder,

The International Joint Commission (IJC) deeply appreciates the hospitality, participation and passion of the people who shared their perspectives on Great Lakes water levels and flows. In mid-July, the Commission held public hearings in 13 communities on Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, western Lake Erie and both the Detroit River and St. Marys River. We heard both praise and concern regarding the report and recommendations of the International Upper Great Lakes Study (IUGLS).

At the hearings, the IJC heard perspectives from governments, First Nations and Tribes, property owners, and citizens on proposed Lake Superior outflow management; an exploratory analysis on raising Lakes Michigan and Huron water levels; and the realities of living with the dynamic Great Lakes system.

Due to strong public interest, the IJC has extended the deadline for written comment until September 30, 2012. If you were not able to attend a public hearing, Commissioners will be available to listen to your comments at a public hearing by teleconference on September 19, 2012, from 7-9 p.m. EDT. You can find instructions to participate at

The IJC carefully considers all comments in deliberating on orders of approval, directives, and recommendations for water levels management.

The IJC encourages you to share your perspective on the Study Board report and recommendations at On the website, you will also find a presentation about the study, the record of the hearings, the final Study Board report, archives, and related research.

While the IUGLS was focused on water quantity, the Commission also plays a role in providing advice to the governments on water quality. And in that regard, we urge you to join the IJC and our partners in Cleveland, Ohio, for Great Lakes Week on September 10-13, 2012, to discuss the unprecedented efforts underway and opportunities to sustain North America’s Great Lakes.
We look forward to receiving your comments on water levels and working with you to sustain our shared waters.


Lana Pollack Joe Comuzzi
U.S. Co-Chair Canada Co-Chair

Lyall Knott Rich Moy
Commissioner Commissioner

Dereth Glance

Tuesday 4 September 2012

MPs fighting for waterway

MPs fighting for waterway Midland Free Press

MPs Bruce Stanton, Rick Norlock, Dean Del Mastro and Barry Devolin delivered a recommendation Friday to federal environment minister Peter Kent, suggesting the government not go through with the proposed reductions.


I hope they can get the government to change it's mind

Monday 3 September 2012

Top 10 end-of-summer songs

Top 10 end-of-summer songs you need to hear Toronto Sun

A nice selection to play over the next few days/weeks to remember a great summer.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Tiny Township Fire Campaign 2012

Tiny Township Fire Campaign 2012

Press Release from Tiny Township
(Perkinsfield, Ontario) - The Township of Tiny is announcing the launch of its Open Air Burning By-law Enforcement Campaign. This campaign is intended to promote public awareness of the rules relating to the Open Air Burning By-law. The launch of the “Open Air Burning By-law Enforcement Campaign” will run from August 24th to September 3rd, 2012. The objectives of the campaign are to: Tiny Township 

Sunday 26 August 2012

Why the Lakes are slowly getting less Great

Why the Lakes are slowly getting less Great  Globe and Mail

A complex issue with not simple answers.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Whisky Lemonade

Summer Sips: Whisky Lemonade Canada.Com

Looks great, have to try it

Midland shows off its waterfront with festival and TugFest

Midland shows off its waterfront with festival and TugFest

The 2012 Midland Harbour Festival takes place from Friday to Sunday on one of Ontario's most beautiful waterfronts. Midland Freepress

Looks like a fun weekend

Sunday 19 August 2012

AGM - Fun Day - BBQ Lunch September 1st 2012

Just a reminder that it is less than 2 weeks to our 59th AGM - Fun Day - BBQ Lunch

Setup starts at 9:30 am
Registration starts around 11:00 am 

Annual General Meeting starts at 11:30 am 
Entries for the Baking Contest must be in by 11:45 am
Children's games start around Noon 
Barbecue Lunch starts around 1:00 pm, please bring a dessert to share
The Lucky Raffle will start when we have sold enough tickets to start
Horseshoe Tournament will start when they are ready 

In celebration of 60th year of the our association, we will be making a special presentation to the Marygrove Camp.

At the AGM some of the items to covered:
Minutes from the 2011 AGM
New Business
Financial Report
FOCA Update
     FaceBook Page
     Blogger Page
     email newsletter
Winners of the Baking Contest
Winners of the Fishing Contest
Talk on fire alarms & fire extinguisher demo  Dino Pangratti
Guest Speaker Tiny Township Mayor Ray Millar

Our skilled prize buyer have been out finding great prizes for Lucky Raffle, Children's Games, Baking Contest, and Horseshoe Tournament so come and win a prize.

Guests are $3.00 per person.

Can you or your company donate a prize for the raffle table? Please bring it to the Fun Day and add to the fun.

Marygrove Camp would appreciate any used or new girls clothing (ages 8 to 14), towels, bathing suits, shoes etc. Donations may be brought to the picnic or dropped off in advance at the camp. 

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Baking Contest at the AGM/Fun Day/BBQ

Baking Contest

Get your oven mitts on! We're very excited about the baking contest this year and have some great prizes. There are 3 categories (young people, teenagers and adults) and 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category. Each entry is judged for flavour, appearance and creativity! The judges are also sharpening their taste buds.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

The August FOCA Elert is out and on the web

The August FOCA Elert is out and on the web.

Some of this months stories:

Fire News: the Heat is On
Prolonged hot and dry weather this summer has meant high fire risk for much of woodland Ontario. Click here for links to the Current Fire Situation from the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services branch of the MNR.

Boater Assist        
Boater Assist Canada is a new service - think of it as "CAA for the water" - being offered through our friends at Boating Ontario and the Ontario Marine Operators Assocation.

and more, use the link below FOCA

You can sign up to have the FOCA Elert sent right to your email box on the FOCA web site.

Saturday 11 August 2012

New Stuff

Our 2012 Newsletter and 2012 AGM/Fun Day/BBQ Flyer are now posted on the Newsletter page.

Our first 2012 Community Partner is now on our Community Partner page. We thank Delva and Michelle Lacroix for their continued support for our association.

Links to the pages are on the right hand slide of the main page.

Perseid meteor shower this weekend

How to catch this weekend’s Perseid meteor shower iO9
Wish I was at the cottage for this weekend, the view should be great. Enjoy

Fire Ban August 11 2012

Look's like the Fire Ban is still in place. You can get up to date information:

Fire Hazard Rating Sign posted at the following location:
Toanche Fire Hall (Champlain Road and Toanche Trail),
By visiting the Township website at
By calling the Township Office at (705) 526-4204