Sunday 9 September 2012

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Our 60th anniversary picnic saw blue skies and warm breezes over Clearwater Beach as about 135 families and guests enjoyed the fun, food, and friendship at Camp Marygrove!
When we begin preparations each year we always fret about getting enough volunteers, but when the day comes everything just falls into place and later we realize that there were so many helpers we don’t have the space to thank them all individually! So, here’s a big “thank you” to everyone who pitched in, and I’m sure that includes almost everyone who attended. We do good work, don’t we?
Some things do, however, require special mention. Wayne and Joanne Yetman’s cookie contest has grown to become a central event of the day, with entrants eclipsing Sam Sapiano’s fishing contest and rivalling Peter Ridout and Raz Bifilchi’s horseshoe challenge. Aside from the food line, the balloon toss and tug-of-war still seem to attract the most adult participation, but Ruth Barber’s kids remain the dominant attraction. Speaking of the food line, Jacque Ridout organized both the grocery list and the condiment table, while Dave Barber did an excellent job of marshalling the BBQ crew. Lexie Trott, Sam Sapiano, Sue Montgomery and Marianne Clayton spent many hours canvassing the beach, Cynthia Strandholt bought ribbons and trophies and Karen Milligan organized the prizes. Peggy Breckenridge kept the festivities humming as Master of Ceremonies, while also helping Mary Barber and Ghislaine Hatton on the registration desk. Throughout the year, of course, Terry Sanderson has become a major source of information through his Facebook postings and FOCA representation.
A highlight of the day was the special anniversary presentation of an $800 cheque by Sue Montgomery, Section 3 Director, to Louise Coutu, Managing Director of Camp Marygrove. The money will be used to buy a canoe which they’ll name “Jack” in honour of Jack Purkis, who in 1952 convened the first meeting leading to the founding of our association.
I would like to express our appreciation to our guests. Ray Millar, Mayor of the Township of Tiny, was very open and accommodating in his remarks and responses to our questions. Dino Pangrazzi, a volunteer firefighter with the Tiny Fire Department, was concise yet entertaining in his remarks on smoke and CO2 detectors and his fire extinguisher demonstration was a huge success with the younger crowd.
I’d also like to thank our sponsors and major contributors, and urge members to remember their generosity if a need for their services arises: Clare Boudreau, owner of EHL Homes; Michelle and Delva Lacroix, agents for Royal LePage real estate; and Keith Robillard, owner of Georgian Bay Sanitation.
This year’s operations again demonstrated the conservative fiscal management of our association. Revenues of $3.7 thousand were virtually identical to last year, with increased raffle proceeds offsetting a minor reduction in sponsorship revenue. Picnic expenses were up as we replenished some supplies, resulting in a break-even year excluding our special anniversary contribution to Camp Marygrove. After the special contribution, our reserves will decline from $5.3 thousand to $4.5 thousand, an amount considered sufficient to cover a full year of operating expenses in the event of an unforeseen revenue shortfall.
Have a great year, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for next year’s “fun day” which will be held on Saturday, August 31st. If you’d like to join the party and help out, leave a comment here or contact anyone on your executive.

Terry Breckenridge

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