Thursday 16 May 2013

Countdown to the Long Weekend! FOCA Elert May 2013

Countdown to the Long Weekend! FOCA Elert May 2013 FOCA

The Victoria Day long weekend marks the start of Safe Boating Awareness Week, May 18-24th.

Emergency Response in Ontario - FOCA seeks answers
In the aftermath of recent flooding events, FOCA has questions about community preparedness in Ontario. 

Nuclear Dump Site Proposal - Public Review Phase
FOCA is concerned about any adverse effects to human health or the environment, including Lake Huron and the Great Lakes, from the proposed long-term storage of nuclear waste north of Kincardine, Ontario, about 1 km inland from the shore of Lake Huron, and 700m below ground. 

Check 'em and Replace 'em  
Put these 2 items at the top of your long weekend checklist:
check the batteries and the expiry dates on your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
make and practice a fire escape plan with the family. Click here for tips... 
Once you've checked your alarms, you can quickly and easily enter to win online in this year's contest. Click here for the link... FOCA is proud to be a program partner in the 2013 Peace of Mind for Your Piece of Heaven campaign for fire and CO safety. 

Important Reminders 
Don't move firewood. Drain your bilges!
Invasive and harmful animals and plants can hitchhike on wood, in your bilge water, and on trailers. To protect our precious forests, lakes and rivers, make sure you are not part of the problem. Learn more about invasive species and prevention strategies here.

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