Sunday 13 May 2012

An Update from FOCA about Internet service in "Cottage Country"

An Update from FOCA about Internet service in "Cottage Country"

If you could check email and access the Internet at the cottage, would you be able to extend your stays by a day or two? What if you live permanently in rural Ontario? A lack of Internet service has limited the ability of rural residents to access many important online services, to stay in touch with family and friends, and to establish or operate businesses in cottage country.

FOCA is very excited to share some good news with you: there have been recent developments that will make it easier for you to have Internet at your rural property.

Thanks to the growing network of land-based and satellite options, you can now get improved Internet access, higher speeds and greater bandwidth.

Satellite service is available in your region today, and has the ability to reach rural homes and cottages that have typically been a challenge to connect.  FOCA

Take a look, below, at the range of services being offered by our corporate sponsor, Xplornet, including a new promotion with reduced up-front costs until June 30th on Satellite service.

And get ready to surf at the cottage!

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