Thursday 1 October 2015

FOCA Elert - October 2015

FOCA Elert - October 2015 FOCA
Lots of great information, here are some of the highlights

With less than a month to go before the Federal Election, FOCA encourages you to make your voice heard - by VOTING on October 19th.

FOCA has sent an Open Letter to the Federal Party Leaders, posing questions on some of our priorities.

Visit FOCA's Federal Election webpage ( to read FOCA's letter, access links to the info you need about relevant "waterfront" issues as well as some questions FOCA wants you to ask your local candidates, and other handy voter information.

Bill 66: The Great Lakes Protection Act (GLPA) - FOCA appeared before the Legislative Committee on September 23rd, in support of the Great Lakes Protection Act, 2015. FOCA appreciates the Bill's focus on setting targets, measures and timelines, and strong community involvement in its implementation. Find out more from FOCA, here:

Bill 37: The Invasive Species Act - This bill, to give the government more powers to fight invasive species, passed second reading with a 95 to zero unanimous vote. FOCA has submitted comments in favour of the Bill. Read our comments and follow the issue here:

Bill 52 - Anti-SLAPP - This bill, the Protection of Public Participation Act, to curb "strategic litigation against public participation" (SLAPP) lawsuits in Ontario, passed second reading and was sent to committee. Learn more here:

Former Bill 85 - Ontario Not for Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) - The Province has delayed this legislation once again. This Act, when it finally arrives, will have implications for many FOCA-member Associations. Read more on the subject, here:

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