Monday 15 September 2014

Dorval Island

The fall Cottage Life issue has a great article on cottaging on Dorval Island. Well worth the read. It sounds and looks like a great place and so close to the city.

For those who look at my morning photo's on Facebook or G+ you can see the east end of the island in the Dorval shots from my balcony. The dock for the ferry to island is about 200 Meters from the front door of my building. Cottaging 5 min from my front door has a certain appeal. I could cottage every night during the summer. It would be much faster than the trip from Dorval to Clearwater Beach on Georgian Bay....

But would it be as much fun?

Would it have the memories?

What about the friends I have know for all my life?

Memories and Friends win... Clearwater Beach for the win, but it is an interesting idea Cottage Life

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