Saturday 24 May 2014

May FOCA Elert

Some of the highlights

Ontario Election 2014
FOCA wants you to VOTE on June 12th

The issues facing Ontario are significant and far-reaching, and it is incumbent upon all eligible voters to make an informed decision - and VOTE - in the June 12th Provincial election.

You only get one vote in the election, even if you have residences in more than one electoral district.

NOTE: FOCA requested clarification from Elections Ontario about whether you can choose to vote in your cottage district in the upcoming election.
The answer is, "yes," for some people, under certain conditions and with proper identification.

See the official response from the Chief Electoral Officer, and get more details about the vote here:

FOCA 2014 Elections webpage

FOCA Year in Review

Read the FOCA 2013 Year in Review publication for an overview of all the work FOCA does, and all the benefits of supporting FOCA.

Associations: please circulate this link to all your members, and remind them that they are FOCA members, too!

ONCA on hold
Since the call of the June 12 Provincial Election, Bill 85 and the technical amendments required to bring ONCA (the Ontario Non-Profit Corporations Act) into force is now dead in the water.

This means ONCA will not likely be proclaimed until after 2015, so FOCA associations will have plenty of time to get aligned with the new law.

FOCA and our partners at Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) will remain focused on the progress of this change in the law, which will affect all Ontario non-profit organizations. BLG and FOCA will be releasing further information about how to be prepared in the weeks and months to come.

And much much more read the full Elert at the link below FOCA May 2014 Elert

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