Sunday 9 June 2013

Fire safety tips for the cottage

Fire safety tips for the cottage Cottage Life 

Outside the cottage

Store fuel, firewood, and other combustible materials at least 10 metres from the cottage.
Keep roof and rain gutters free of dried leaves and pine needles. Install a screened cap on your chimney.

Keep firefighting tools (a bucket of water or sand, shovels, and a garden hose) handy when you’re having a bonfire or burning brush.

Inside the cottage

Learn how your smoke alarms work and test them at least monthly Ontario’s Fire Code requires them on every storey and outside all sleeping areas. Regularly replace the batteries and replace the alarm itself every eight years. If you have a wood or fossil-fuel-fired appliance, or attached garage, install a carbon-monoxide alarm.

Develop a fire-escape plan. Designate family members who are responsible to help guests, people who may have trouble getting out on their own, and pets. Keep keys and cell phones in a handy place, so they can be found during a hasty exit. Once everyone is out and accounted for at a meeting place, call 911 or your local emergency number and report the fire.

And Many More Cottage Life

Ask you local Fire Department for advice too

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