Monday 30 July 2012

Boating Safety

One of the members of our Beach Association flipped his boat this weekend. Both Police and Fire responded to the flip. I am not naming names as it could have been just about any one in the association.

In his own words:
 "Got dumped in the water at the north end of CWB by a wave that tipped my 12' boat about .5km off shore (in about 6.5' of water). Please do a post about actually wearing life jackets (and not just having them in the boat). There wouldn't have been so much emergency response noise if I had been actually wearing mine."  

So here are some links on lifejackets and boating safety:

Stand up paddle boards and peddle boats require lifejackets:

Keeping your kids safe on and near the water starts with the right lifejacket. Watch our video to learn more: YouTube

Dive Flags Video - Learn how to deal with dive flags - and the divers below - safely. #boating - YouTube

Dealing with 
Entrapment Under a Boat and / or in rigging CYA

Be Safe Out On The Water We Do Not Want To Lose Any One This Summer

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