Thursday 8 September 2011

Cookie/Baking Contest 2011

Winners of the 2011 Cookie/Baking Contest

1st prize, Jill Barber
2nd prize, Jean Hatton
3rd prize, Ghislaine Hatton

1st prize, Isabella Wright
2nd prize, Isabelle Angers Barber
3rd prize Ellen Siebell-Achenbach

1st prize Diego Trott
2nd prize Lauren
3rd prize Molly Milligan

Thank you to all those who entered but did not win. I tried most of the entries and they were very good. 

A Big Thanks to all involved in the Cookie Contest
Head Judge was James Barber
Senior Judges were Nicole Barber and Matthew Wright
Apprentice Judges were Kevin Barber and Laura Barber.
Laura Barber also served as Personal Assistant to the Coordinator Wayne Yetman
Wayne put a lot of time in to the planing for the contest. 

The judges had to try all of the treats, maybe next year you have to pay to be a judge? Humm open auction, it might just work.... 

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