Saturday 22 September 2012

2012 Clearwater Beach Baking Contest

The Results


3rd prize, Autumn McDiarmid for 'Super Cottage Squares'
2nd prize, Autumn McDiarmid for 'Sinful Skor Squares'
1st prize, Hailey Sontag for 'Daisy Flowers'


1st (and only) prize, Isabelle Barber for 'Motivational Cookies'

We need more entries from teenage bakers!


3rd prize, Ghislaine Hatton for 'Chocolate Macaroons'
2nd prize, Dawn Strandholt for 'Hello Dollies'
1st prize, Karen Milligan for 'Clearwater Cake Pops'

Photo of some of the contestants and some of the winners

A Big Thank You to Wayne Y. for all his work on the 2012 Baking Contest

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